Prince Edward Flying Club (CNT7)

“Flying starts with a dream.” ― Lia Ocampo, I Love Flying

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About Our Club

Founded in 1953, Prince Edward Flying Club (PEFC) is located at Picton Airport in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.  

Since its incorporation, the Club has continued to be a welcoming beacon for members and visitors alike, hosting fly-ins as well as  other events throughout the year. Members are heavily involved in organizing the monthly breakfasts, taking care of grass cutting, maintenance, and much more. 

No matter where your interest in aviation lies, we welcome new members or quite simply, anyone who loves the joy of flying. To connect with us, learn more about membership in Prince Edward Flying Club, or fly in, visit our Contact page for further information.   

Picton Airport

Picton Airport is a former World War II training airfield, and today still retains many of its original wartime buildings. The airport hosted the No. 31 Bombing and Gunnery School for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, operating Avro Anson, Fairey Battle, Bristol Bolingbroke, and Westland Lysander aircraft.

Strolling the grounds invokes a sense of nostalgia. Close your eyes, open your mind, and imagine the sights and sounds of servicemen and women carrying out their duties.

From the Mess Hall to the barracks, Picton Airport is a visual reminder of the thousands of people who trained and supported the war effort.

Picton Airport and the surrounding land is privately owned by PEC Community Partners Inc, and is known as Base 31.

This Prior Permission Required (PPR) airport is occasionally closed to weekend air traffic in the spring through the fall. If you are planning to fly into Picton Airport and the Prince Edward Flying Club, please review the NOTAM prior to your departure.

Email Fees for landing and tie downs may be applied. PPR will be granted between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Permission to land on weekends must be arranged in advance. For further information about runway conditions, closures, etc., call (613) 476-3064

Photo source: Fleet Finch,